Nov 7th – Chuck Kavros Co angler from FLW Series

November 7th, 2018, the Folsom Bass Team will hold the most important meeting of the year, because Chuck Kavros will be our guest speaker (co angler on the FLW series, and sponsor for Top This Pro Cody Meyers, Billy Hines, and Jimmy Reese. Chuck also invested in Johnson Bait and Tackle in Yuba City.  Chuck will talk about how to be a better Co angler and what you could be missing from the FLW pros back deck. Also the results from the Brutal Berryess a Tournament from October. Also get signed up for the TOC rematch on lake Oroville on November 18th.  Also Rob and Rich are back from ABA on Shasta from last weekend so come here the stories they have from that event.

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