Here are some basics about the club and things you should know and do before, during and after fishing a tournament.


  1. Meetings are always the first Wednesday of the month, 6:30 pm. We are now meeting at Sierra View Country Club, 105 Alta Vista Ave, Roseville, CA 95678. The meeting will also be online via Zoom – please contact us for the meeting link.
  2. Attend meetings and support the club in any way you can. Participation improves your angling skills and knowledge of the club.
  3. Ask questions at the meeting and get to know some people.


  1. Exchange contact information with your tour partner at the meeting if possible.  Ask the club secretary if you need your partner’s information.

  2. Talk to your partner about the following
    • Will you pre-fish?
    • Where will you meet tournament day?
    • How much space is there for the co-angler?
    • Splitting expenses (see topic below).


  1. Learn to back the boat down the ramp as well as drive the tow vehicle with the boat. Let the boater know if you are not experienced in doing this.

  2. Turn off headlights while backing down the ramp and launching, use only the parking lights only when on the launch ramp.

  3. Do not lower tailgates on trucks unless specifically asked to do so by the boater.

  4. Be patient and show great care for boat/trailer/truck.

  5. When returning to the boat, store the keys in a safe place or return them to the boater.


  1. Be considerate of the boat’s interior
    • Do not track dirt/mud on the boat.
    • Don’t step on seats.
    • Cover trebles as to not snag upholstery.
    • Pick up your used baits/hooks/line, as well as any trash.

  2. After the tournament help wipes down the boat and assists the boater in any way needed.

  3. Do not smoke on the boat without permission.


  1. Learn to tie your own knots – ask your boaters to show you the ones they use!

  2. Learn to net fish properly – ask the boater if he has a specific type of net and how to use it.

  3. Learn to care for the fish, including culling fish, deflating the fish’s air bladder (i.e. fizzing fish & have your own needle), understand how the boat live well works.

  4. Talk with the boater about expectations up front – understand the type of fishing you are going to be doing for the day. Be honest about your skill level!


  1. Get club weigh-in bag from weight master.

  2. Assist in bagging fish and carrying them to the weigh in.

  3. Use common sense when carrying bags to the weigh-in – i.e. don’t rest bags on hot pavement in the summer! Fish should only be in the bags for 3 min at the most.

  4. Assist with releasing fish after the weigh-in. Make sure you know the rules for where and how to release the fish for that particular body of water.


  1. Discuss with boater what the day’s expenses are expected to be ahead of time – the boater and co-angler are responsible to split the daily expenses! This can include gas, oil/additives, launch fees, and other expenses.

  2. Either bring your own food & drinks or talk with the boater ahead of time. Ask about bringing a cooler or if they have room in theirs.

  3. If you and your partner are both in the big fish pot, discuss if you will split it or if its individual.


  1. Wear appropriate clothing/shoes for the time of year, dress in layers. In the winter the mornings can be 20 degrees, in the summer it’s over 100 during the day.

  2. All year long its appropriate to wear a full rain suit for the morning.

  3. Bring polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, food, and drink.